Uses of Scrap Metal

23 May 2019
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The advantage of metal is the recyclable nature allowing them for constant use without a decrease in their value. Using scrap metal is beneficial for the environment and results in durable products similar to those designed with raw materials. Scrap metal recycling has many uses, including the following:

New metal products

Scrap metal can also be recycled for use in new metallic products that are of better quality. It involves the use of an electric furnace to melt materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and copper into new products. The most popular products made from recycled scrap metal are aluminium and steel cans for canned goods. Scrap metal can be recycled into packaging within months, making recycling efficient and economical.

Scrap metal is also used for electronic products, such as cellphones, and accessories, such as television stands. The electric arc furnace controls the temperature at which metals are reshaped, which helps manufacturers use less energy in the process. Reshaping recycled materials saves energy and reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which are harmful to the environment. Designing new materials from scrap metal is also cheaper, which has the potential to reduce manufacturing costs.

Industrial uses

Scrap metal is used in the construction and infrastructure industry for roads, bridges and buildings. Due to the recyclable nature of certain types of metals, they can be used in construction without compromising the strength and integrity of structures and machines. By recycling aluminium and steel, there is less need to extract ores from the earth. Using scrap metal for industrial uses, therefore, minimises the reliance on natural ores that are scarce. It is also cheaper to use scrap metal than process mineral ores for industrial use.

Home furnishings and artistic use

Scrap metal can be recycled into metallic furniture such as lamps and tables that are durable with an excellent finish. Items such as fences, lanterns and gazebos can also be designed from scrap metal. Interior designers also use scrap metal to give homes a rustic look. You can also implement DIY procedures to recycle scrap metal into items such as picture frames.

Scrap metal can be junk to one person and art to another. Some artists enjoy working with scrap metal to turn it into sculptures and distinct metal works. While this work requires patience and skill, the metal structures come in a range of styles, sizes and colours. The resulting art products are beautiful decorations for homes and offices.