Green and Ethical Waste Disposal

22 June 2017
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Supporting the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy's Green Army programme couldn't be easier, especially if you aren't able to commit directly to the initiative. It's a scheme that currently enables young people to develop key skills by organising community clean up projects. However if you're too busy to dedicate your time, consider utilising a local recycling or rubbish removal service.  Ensuring that waste is properly disposed of is another huge part of the Government's plan for creating a greener country, and by using either private or council owned businesses you can take an ethical stance on environmental protection.

Waste Not Want Not

One of the easiest things you can do to support proper waste management is to encourage your family to recycle at home. This will take very little time on your part, but has a dramatic effect on helping waste disposal and recycling businesses maintain their efficiency, and they can spend less time sorting and more time collecting. All you need is a few plastic bins that can be used for paper/card, glass, cans, organic waste and plastic. Try to buy them with lids to reduce the chance of attracting pests and releasing odours, and label each one accordingly. Contact your local council to establish when and if they collect recyclable waste. If they don't or you find that your waste builds up too quickly, make yourself familiar with the location of your local recycling centre.

What Else Can You Do?

Recycling is simple enough, and even less common materials such as electronic goods, batteries and metal can be taken to a recycling centre to be reused of disposed off properly. However if you find yourself with an abundance of garden waste, why not turn it into a compost heap? You can buy a cheap plastic compost bin from any good home and garden store. These will often have instructions on how to turn the waste to aerate it, and a list of waste that should or should not be used. However if you haven't got an interest in gardening, then a skip bin could be a good option.

Other Waste

If you're doing some home improvement you'll find that concrete and waste building materials are more difficult to reuse. Consider hiring a skip bin from a reputable company, as this will again ensure that the waste is being disposed off legally. Bins come in various sizes and are often measured in yards or by the number of black bags they hold. Speak to your local dealer and they will be able to advise you on what size you'll most likely need.

Following these simple tips will help you to take responsibility for ethical waste disposal, and give you peace of mind that you're reducing greenhouse gases and minimising the need for environmentally hazardous landfill sites.