The Best Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture

15 March 2018
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To dump old furniture that still has potentially years of service left can feel like an awful waste. It's silly that perfectly good furniture can find its way into landfill, buried under rubbish and no longer of any use to anyone. Before you take your old furniture on a one way trip to your local rubbish dump, you might want to consider a few alternatives which can keep the items in use, or at the very least, give them a useful farewell.


To give the items of furniture away might seem like an easy solution, and in some cases it can be. While your friends and family might have a use for that old couch of yours, how are they going to get it to their place? They're welcome to source a truck and get the job done, but giving furniture away to friends can be logistically difficult. Get in touch with a local charity who will be only too happy to take the items off your hands, provided they're in good working order. You can opt for a charity whose work you feel strongly about, or something more local perhaps. The only downside to this is that in addition to getting rid of the furniture, you might want to get rid of some old junk you have at home at the same time. And of course, no charity is going to be interested in that!

Regular Rubbish Collection

You could get in touch with your local city council to find out when their next all-purpose kerbside collection day will be. You know the drill. This is the annual (though infrequent) occasion where you can get rid of old rubbish that for whatever reason is unsuitable for your standard rubbish bin. This can be convenient for disposing of old items, and the council might recycle your old furniture (if the necessary facilities exist in your area). This option isn't going to be much help if it's many months before your suburb's next kerbside collection day.

Professional Assistance

The most straightforward solution for when you need to get rid of junk that includes old furniture is to call a professional rubbish removal service. They'll take it all off your hands, and you should opt for one that recycles. This means that while your old furniture might not continue in its original form, it will be dismantled and all usable components will be recycled. And of course, using such a service allows you to get rid of everything in one go with no waiting for kerbside collection, or getting rid of items one by one.

Don't send old furniture to landfill if it can possibly be avoided. Allowing it to live on or at least be repurposed is a far more fitting fate.