Skip to the right bin: what to consider when hiring a skip bin

17 November 2018
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When you are doing an office recon or any other projects such as thorough cleaning your home or hosting an event, you will find that there will be a lot of rubbish. In such scenarios, you want to have a place to neatly keep the rubbish as you await collection by the local authority. The ordinary bins may not have the capacity to hold a lot of garbage, hence the need to hire skip bins. Below are the factors that you need to consider to ensure that they serve the purpose.

The various types of rubbish 

There are several substances that are not allowed in skip bins depending on your municipal regulations. Ideally, skip bins should only be used for solid and dry rubbish. However, generally, the type of garbage that cannot be stored in skip bins include asbestos, hazardous materials such as batteries and chemicals and food substances. Moreover, some skip bins cannot handle some types of rubbish. For instance, a general household skip bin cannot handle the remains of brick walls if your activity involved reconstructing walls. If you are not sure if your rubbish is allowed in the bin, consult with the professional skip bin hire contractors for assistance.

The appropriate size

Skip bins come in different sizes, usually ranging from three cubic metres to about eight cubic metres. Before you hire a skip bin, you want to make sure that you can estimate the amount of clutter that you will have to deal with. A small bin will not serve its purpose whereas a big bin will cost you a lot of money for nothing. A correct size will be both cost-effective and convenient.

The type of bin

Skip bins come in different designs, ranging from mobile (wheeled) or stationery. The type of bin will depend on your source of rubbish. Mobile bins are preferred if the rubbish is located in various places.

The right placement area

You need to factor in where exactly you are going to keep that skip bin in your premises. The best place to put your skip bin is next to where your rubbish is, but aside from that, you need to keep in mind other special considerations. For instance, it will not be desirable to place the skip bin next to the main entrance of your house. Moreover, you cannot squeeze the bin in areas where it does not properly because you risk destroying them. Given that you are simply hiring it, it is imperative that you take maximum care of it.