Proper Disposal of Sharps

19 October 2017
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Sharps are any devices capable of cutting and piercing skin due to their corners, edges, and projections, making them dangerous to dispose of using regular waste bags. There are various types of sharps such as hypodermic needles, syringes, blades, lab glassware, glass tubes and microscope slides that each require specific disposal methods so as to protect waste handlers from contamination and physical injury while working. Below are a few tips on how to properly dispose of sharps. Read More 

5 Ways to Manage Rubbish During a Big Home Project

28 June 2017
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Big home projects such as renovations or cleaning out the basement can generate a lot of rubbish. How should you get rid of it? There are a surprising number of options. Here's what you need to know. 1. Hire a Ute You can drop off rubbish directly at a waste management facility or landfill. To haul it, however, you will need a ute or a trailer. You can hire these vehicles from a removals company or a car hire place. Read More 

How to Keep a New Generation of Scavangers and Skip Dippers Out of Your Bin

23 June 2017
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Skip dipping has become popular in some circles, and the people involved are no longer just hungry and destitute or looking for free stuff. Many contemporary skip dippers are pursuing skip dipping as a way of life, and they often don't even need the practice to survive. Just take the case of one well-paid consultant who admits to scavenging on a regular basis—people like this are the face of the new movement. Read More 

Green and Ethical Waste Disposal

22 June 2017
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Supporting the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy's Green Army programme couldn't be easier, especially if you aren't able to commit directly to the initiative. It's a scheme that currently enables young people to develop key skills by organising community clean up projects. However if you're too busy to dedicate your time, consider utilising a local recycling or rubbish removal service.  Ensuring that waste is properly disposed of is another huge part of the Government's plan for creating a greener country, and by using either private or council owned businesses you can take an ethical stance on environmental protection. Read More