Skip to the right bin: what to consider when hiring a skip bin

17 November 2018
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When you are doing an office recon or any other projects such as thorough cleaning your home or hosting an event, you will find that there will be a lot of rubbish. In such scenarios, you want to have a place to neatly keep the rubbish as you await collection by the local authority. The ordinary bins may not have the capacity to hold a lot of garbage, hence the need to hire skip bins. Read More 

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Old Furniture

15 March 2018
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To dump old furniture that still has potentially years of service left can feel like an awful waste. It's silly that perfectly good furniture can find its way into landfill, buried under rubbish and no longer of any use to anyone. Before you take your old furniture on a one way trip to your local rubbish dump, you might want to consider a few alternatives which can keep the items in use, or at the very least, give them a useful farewell. Read More